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Fixed Income 101: A cursory look at the Repo market in Nigeria

I have the privilege of bringing a guest post this week from one of our readers and a trader in one of Nigeria’s leading fixed income dealing firms. If you’d like to write something featured here you can drop us a message via Repurchase agreement, or ‘repos’ are a silent but important part of […]


6.0 GARBA, ABDUL-GANIYU Context of Decision The global economic outlook remains uncertain, tenuous and tough for emerging markets and resource driven economies. The Euro-Greek crises, the busting of the Chinese asset market bubble and the persisting uncertainty about the timing of the US Fed’s rate increase have heightened uncertainties in global financial markets. For oil […]

Exchange rate regimes

Last week the naira hit record lows against the USD with the interbank rate weakening to N173/$ intraday before the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) stepped in to shore up the currency. Although the CBN governor insists he will not devalue the naira, the steep declines in oil prices – which have fallen to four […]

Lessons from Japan

Hello I was looking at a chart showing the performance of the Japanese yen two days ago. Curiously the yen seemed to mimic the performance of main equity index in Japan – Nikkei 225. Here is the chart below Figure 1: JPYUSD vs. Nikkei 225 Source: Bloomberg The yen has shot up roughly 35% since […]


I had a discussion recently with the head of research at an investment bank and somewhere along the line we gravitated towards DSGE models. He personally didn’t like them but he agreed that’s where much of economic analysis is headed. Thus, I decided to write my first post here on them. Economics is evolving. In […]