Monthly Archives: June 2015

CBN’s Hit List

Last week the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a list of 40 items later raised to 41 items that were proscribed from accessing the domestic FX market i.e. the interbank market. My first reaction going through the list was the weird items: Indian incense, head pans and wheel barrows. Furthermore, some items on the […]

Excerpts from May 2015 MPC

6.0 GARBA, ABDUL-GANIYU Background The global economic outlook is tenuous. There is widespread nervousness about how the United States will normalize its expanded balance sheet which like that of many central banks has been bloated with toxic assets mopped up during the various phases of quantitative easing. There is also nervousness and uncertainties about the […]

John Forbes Nash

Today’s post is a tribute to the late John Forbes Nash – mathematical genius, Nobel and ex-schizophrenic. I first came across Nash as with most famous economists in sophomore year during ECO 211 – Principles of microeconomics and yes it involved talk on the famous game ‘Prisoners Dilemma’. Nash would come to me later: firstly […]